Got another update for ya, which were requested through Patreon. This time, the theme is the girls using Super Dick Juice to enhance their cocks (or in the case of Zoey, add one) while having fun with them. To start, we have a continuation of an older Rylee & Zoey, but with Zoey getting Rylee’s magnum dong right in her pussy. Ouch!

Not to be outdone, but Zoey gives the stuff a try and uses her new long cock on Krissy. Even Krissy has trouble taking this monster as Zoey can get only about half of it inside her. Maybe they need a bit more practice (or lube. Lots of lube).

And finally, we end with Rylee messing around with Kiara. After both took a dosage of SDJ, the two lay on the ground and rub their cocks together. I dunno why I used the same room for all these scenarios. Maybe it’s just easier to differentiate when that stuff is being used. 😀 Anyway, enjoy!