It’s here! My newest release is finally here! Featuring two sexy girls in the form of Nuflash’s Elizabeth and Catherine (along with help from our pal Adrian), check out a strange story about a lab accident turned hardcore. Check out DNA: Dicks Need Attention!

Elizabeth is looking for a quiet place on campus to fuck Adrian. Thankfully, the lab room is empty outside of Liz’s friend Catherine, who fell asleep during her research. While Elizabeth tries to wake her up, Catherine unknowingly swats a beaker full of liquid directly onto Adrian.

The three soon find out that the chemical had a side effect on Adrian, causing him to grow a second cock! One that’s as big as his original! With no other options (well, that’s what Liz says), the two girls decide to make use of the opportunity and give both cocks the attention they deserve!

DNA: Dicks Need Attention features all kinds of fun including oral, vaginal, anal, DP, futanari, dick growth, tittyfucking and other fun stuff! Did we mention that Adrian has two cocks in this one?!

DNA: Dicks Need Attention features 104 high-quality images including a 94-image main portion, 8 extra images and 2 bonus wallpapers. This set was rendered in Octane in 1920×1080 resolution. You can get this set for $9.95. You can pick it up from any of these fine places:

Dicks Need Attention on Affect3D Store

Dicks Need Attention on Gumroad

Dicks Need Attention on Payhip

Anyway, I wanna give a special shoutout to Nuflash for helping in the creation of this set. It originally started as a commissioned project, but eventually grew from there. For the record, this is the second set featuring a double cock character (Addison’s Mission was the first if you wanna check that one out) and one of the rare times I’ve done so with Adrian. It was pretty fun coming up with a few scenarios showing off what he could do with the extra cock, but I think there’s more that can be done in the future. Also, I really love working with Elizabeth a lot (and Catherine to a degree), so if you enjoy Liz, you should be presently surprised for what I have in store for next month. 🙂

Also I wanna thank my Patreon supporters, the people who purchase things from the stores above, any visitor of this site and/or social media spots. You guys are awesome and I hope you enjoy this release. Until then, thanks again and have fun!