Update today. This one is a pretty hefty one that spanned a couple of months to complete as it was requested through Patreon with the finale commissioned by TheBefuddler. Vampire Zoey has found herself a new plaything in the form of Kiara. Kiara is bound and unable to break free. Even worse, her cock has a magical ring around it that not only increases her libido, but also increases the size of her cock and balls. One problem though is she’s unable to cum unless Zoey wants her to.

Kiara is helpless as Vamp Zoey toys with Kiara’s growing erection. Kiara is on the edge, leaking tons and tons of precum. But Zoey gives her a reprieve, letting her out of her shackles to freely leave on her own volition. But with the pressure that’s building up and her cock becoming longer and thicker, Kiara gives in to her pleasure and begin to suck her cock hard. Defeated, Kiara can only accept her fate as Zoey’s new slave, fucking her and unleashing a cum load that would make any porn star jealous. But for Zoey, this is just another conquer. Who knows who will be her next victim?

As stated, this was requested through Patreon. If you wanna check out more content such as this before it’s gonna up here, then pledge today! Also quick note before I go: I’m gonna be out of town for a few days (I’ll be back Sunday), so I hope you guys have a safe week and until then, enjoy!