Bunch of random stuff for today. Some of these were requested via Patreon while others were commissioned or done for reasons. First up is a continuation of Rylee’s training time with Adrian. This time, Rylee is able to handle more of Adrian’s cock, getting even deeper than before. It also helps when he puts on a special cock ring to keep himself from having any issues when fucking her.

Next is a requested item on Patreon featuring Krissy & Rylee. Here, Rylee has TWO cocks. And Krissy is hungry for both. She takes each one in her ass and pussy as Rylee tries to make sense of this. You really can’t. It just happens. Speaking of Double Cock Rylee, there’s a mini-set currently on Patreon. It will be posted up here later, but if you wanna check it out now, then pledge today. That’s all for that shameless plug.

And next is more Rylee, this time with Lana. After hard work at the gym, the two get themselves dirty in the shower as Rylee uses her big cock to give Lana a second workout.

I also did some promo work for CrazySky3D for his products Human Cage & Human Cage 2 with Zoey and a special guest demoing the products. If you’re a 3D artist and wanna pick these up for yourself, you can check out the products in the links. Thank goodness Zoey is a great little guinea pig for these sorts of toys. 😀

Lastly, some Mey Mey stuff commissioned by Amaterasu. One featuring her lounging at the beach and the other featuring her comparing cocks with Rylee (while both simultaneously leak precum). Until then, enjoy!