Few requests done on Patreon featuring a few familiar characters you might have seen elsewhere. First up is a quick pinup (plus nude version) of our favorite crime solving sleuth, Velma!

Next up is the investigative reporter for Channel 6 News, April O’Neil. After she gets a hard hitting story, she gets hard hitting with a few of her turtles friends. Too bad one of them miss the invitation! Warning: Contains some mutated turtles.

For some reason, continuing our crime fighters theme (which I didn’t realize until now), we have Blossom, Bubbles & Buttercup in some dickgirl three way action! We got Buttercup fucking Bubbles, Bubbles fucking Blossom, and Blossom tittyfucking Bubbles. All one happy orgy!

Last but not least, I got more of Buttercup. This time in a little competition with our very own Rylee. The two try to wage war in an arm wrestling contest where the stakes have her been higher. Too bad (or good for us) they both lose and have to face the consequences. Maybe next time, they’ll figure out a winner. 😀 That’s all for today. Enjoy!