Got a commission done a while back for Sneedham featuring his characters Hilda and Naomi interacting with Rylee. Rylee thinks she’s the strongest girl at her gym, but Hilda begs to differ and challenges her to a pull up contest. Naomi volunteers herself to ref the two, but with one caveat: They have to do it naked. The two reluctantly agree and the challenge is set up. Hilda blazes through the pull ups with ease. But Rylee seems to have hit her limits. But our ref Naomi isn’t doing her job that well as she’s focused on Rylee’s hard erect member.

After an exhausting battle, Rylee admits defeat and concedes that Hilda is stronger than her. Well, in one aspect. While Hilda is busy washing herself, Rylee finds herself in a new challenge, this time with Naomi. After staring at Rylee’s cock for a long, she finally decided to give it a whirl. Rylee is beaten and tired, but that doesn’t stop Naomi from riding her until the cows come home. Even at low strength, Rylee is still able to keep up with Naomi (barely!). But maybe next time, Rylee will have the proper energy to give Naomi a fucking she won’t forget! Enjoy!