I looked at some of the Lana pics and noticed the textures were very blurry on her. I found the problem and fixed it, but I didn’t want to leave them like that. So I ended up redoing those and re-added them into the gallery. If you’re saving these on your pc, the pics are Lana_20, Lana_22, Lana_23, Lana_24, and Lana_25. Redownload those and delete/save over the previous ones. If the textures still blurry and not sharp, then download this.

Sorry about the inconvenience, but I didn’t want it to look like my quality slipped. Especially since there’s “huge” plans for her in the upcoming months. 😉

Edit: Updated lana_18 and lana_19 with the fixed textures and all her sexy nipple glory being less blurry and more sharp now. 😛 Enjoy!