Today’s update is all about group sex. A couple of these were commissioned while others were requested via Patreon (and one being a gift). To start, how about we see Lana getting her fun on with three huge cocks? While she takes Adrian’s monster up her ass, she gives two other dicks a jerk. They’re waiting for their turn (which may come soon!).

Speaking of Lana and Adrian, Lana is horny, but he isn’t around. So she decides to invite Kiara to their place. But once he came back, he saw the two already in progress! But that’s okay since he still got to join in.

And the last thing featuring Lana is a gift done for DevilHS featuring his girls Stripes and Deviline interacting with evil Lana. Deviline and Lana’s huge cocks come out to play with Stripes. While Stripes gets a mouthful, she also takes a big one up her ass. No matter what, she’s gonna feel sore in the morning.

Next up is Zoey getting DPed by a couple of minotaurs. I dunno how Zoey ended up in a mythical world and got fucked by those beasts, but what else would happen? A tea party? Pfft.

To end things is one of two commissions I got. The first one was an anonymous commission featuring Perfidus’ Kinzie. I had free reign on this one and decided that Kinzie needed a proper dicking from a few hung gentlemen.

Lastly is a commission for Sgt. Buck featuring three of his OCs: His dickgirl Joselyn fucking the sisters Courtney & Sheila. Sheila is experienced with sex and is helping Courtney get her wildside out. After Courtney tells her she’s never fucked a dickgirl, Sheila quickly got on the case and had her friend Joselyn help out (that is, of course, after getting a practice first :D). Anyway, that’s all for today. Enjoy!