Got some content for today. This one features various OCs from Patreon requests and commissions I’ve done in the last few months. To start, I’ve got stuff for Amaterasu featuring their character MeyMey, who’s gotten updated and is fucking Lana along with a pinup of her.

Next was requested on Patreon and featuring Super-Badger’s busty blonde Bree cramming for her college exams. Though, instead of book studying, she’s getting her information another way. 😀

I also did a commission for Tweak as a gift to Cherry-gig featuring their character Cherry.

Nuflash’s Elizabeth is up next. Eliza got herself in something comfy to enjoy her erotic novel in bed. Nude version included.

Lastly are a couple of commissioned pinups for Luke Lionheart featuring their characters Fauna and Saldia.

That’s all for today. I’m looking into updating the site in the next few months (it’s been about 3 years since the last one). I’ll be looking at making some changes including Patreon integration and other features. Until then, enjoy!