Got a little treat for ya. This one was done as a little gift for DevilHS for all the pics he’s done for me over the past few years. We have his character Deviline & Stripes getting down with each other. After a polite conversation, the two immerse themselves in rough fucking as Deviline pounds Stripes’ pussy how she sees fit. Deviline’s huge cock might be too much for Stripes. That is, until Deviline takes it a step farther and uses her devilish powers to enlarge her cock more. Eventually, Deviline covers Stripes in a huge cum load with a promise of another chance encounter (with a possible third party). Hope you guys enjoy this and if you like these characters, then check out DevilHS’ stuff over on his tumblr or use that search bar to find some of the stuff he’s done for me. Enjoy!