Again, sorry about the lack of updates. I’ve been busy with a few things that I’ve lost track of time. Because of that, we have another big update, this time featuring some of the commissions I’ve worked on the past few months.

First off, I’ve got a commission done for DeafGotham featuring their OC Alanna interacting with Zoey. Alanna’s already big cock grows bigger and bigger by the minute. Zoey tries to help relieve her, but it only leaves her covered in a lot of cum.

Next up is Nuflash featuring their OC Elizabeth working with Lana and Krissy to take on a monster cock. Lana and Krissy help tittyfuck the base while Elizabeth works on the head. The three worked pretty well, don’t you think?

This one was anonymously commissioned as a gift for Perfidus and features Kinzie. There’s some other stuff that will be coming out soon featuring her. So be sure to check that out.

One of my long running clients Vidayen commissioned a new character of theirs and gave me some free reign with her. This is Nanaya Tyrnddare, a strong brave warrior who’s up for any challenge. Especially when there’s a few big cocks involved. After attending one of the local taverns for a drink, she meets down with a few of the patrons and all three of them have their way with her. Enjoy that and the few pinups of her.

Last up for today’s update is more of Sgt. Buck’s Sheila. The anonymous client wanted to see more of her, this time as an elf girl and also getting fucked by futa Zoey. I should mention there is some additional content featuring a young Sheila, but I can’t post it on here for reasons. They are on my Patreon though. Let’s just say the minotaur wasn’t the original idea. 😉 Anyway enjoy!