Sorry about the lack of updates. Been busy with a few things that took away from me updating here (also having issues with the wordpress. Weird). Anyway, I have a few things to share including stuff requested via Patreon and a commission. To begin, we’ll start with everyone’s favorite couple, Rylee & Zoey. And if they’re not your favorites, then you should quit for not being legit enough. Anyway, we’ve got the two spooning in bed as Rylee’s cock enter Zoey’s pussy.

If you still want more Zoey, how about her with June at the gym. This time, June gives her asshole a workout, using her big cock to fuck Zoey’s tight ass hard.

Next up features the grown-up version of Buttercup giving a blowjob to a lucky fellow. With the way she’s looking, she may be doing out of spite. But that doesn’t mean she lets her super deepthroating skills go to waste as she takes the cock down to the base. Will we see more of this? Maybe in the future…

I also got a commission for 10chainz with a similar blowjob theme. Their OC Apple marvels at the huge cock in front of her before she gives it the mouth love it so rightfully deserves. Hopefully, we’ll see this couple again soon.

And lastly, we’ve got Krissy & Lana in virgin sweater (nearly 7 years after the fad). Most of the post were requested via Patreon, so if you wanna check out more thing, be sure to pledge today. Until then, enjoy!