So got a few things to post, most of them were requested on Patreon (which btw thank you guys so much for the love and support there. You guys are beautiful and wonderful and I love you and no I’m not drunk but I wish I was). Anyway, this one was requested featuring Rylee having an upgraded cock, one that’s long enough that she sit back, relax and suck on it without strain. 😀

Next bit features Sugar & Spice (‘member those two?) spending their off-time getting covered in cum.


Next we have a rare pairing of Zoey & Krissy. Not sure why you don’t see them together often (probably because they’re vying for Rylee’s attention :D), but here the two use a couple of dildos to pleasure the other. Maybe soon, we’ll see more with these two.

And lastly, we have Lana surrounded by a bunch of cocks. That’s pretty self-explanatory. Anyway, hope you all enjoy!