Got an update with Kiara, Rylee and Zoey. This one was requested on Patreon and features an unusual premise. Zoey gives Kiara and Rylee a special formula, which have somehow changed their bodies in different ways. Kiara has become more voluptuous with breasts that are WAY bigger than her head. Meanwhile, Rylee’s muscles are larger, making her more intimidating than before. Not only that has their bodies changed, but their cocks have grown significantly with their libido through the roof. While Zoey is pleased with the results, she didn’t expect the two dickgirls to take control. The two fuck her with their fat cock, breaking her pussy and ass at the same time. Zoey is helpless as the two mercilessly use her body to satisfy their urges. Though, who knows? Maybe Zoey loves getting roughed up by these monsters, so she may have to give this another try. Enjoy!

(If you’re wondering, the changes aren’t permanent. Just a fun side thing. Though, that doesn’t mean we won’t see it again in the future.)

Speaking of Patreon, you won’t believe what’s happened to Rylee’s cock! It’s a horsecock. Sorry for spoiling, but it’s just for some images. You can check out a few exclusive images featuring a different cock on Rylee. You can also help decide on what she does with that cock to cowgirl Zoey (Yippie Whippie!). You can check it out and other stuff (including a Rylee/Elle animation) on my Patreon. Just click the image below!