Last commissioned piece from Super-Badger for the time being. This one features Rylee with an unnamed male character. Don’t worry. The guy is fucking her and not the other way around.

This young guy is looking to get muscular in order to pick up chicks. Rylee tries to help him, but realizes it’s hopeless until she sees his monster cock pop out from his shorts. Not one to waste a good fuck, Rylee immediately jumps at the opportunity to suck on his cock, letting him know that he has the tool to get laid. While the guy loves the feeling of Rylee’s mouth wrapped around his cock, he’s unsure about the fact that Rylee also has a cock (one that’s much thicker than his). Plus she’s much stronger than him, so this could end badly for him.

But Rylee has a kind heart (and a pussy) and lets him use her fuckhole to give him some much needed relief. As he fucks her pussy with all his stamina, Rylee begins to feel her own cock tingle and begins to jerk it. Soon the two explode in orgasm. The guy is out of breath after this experience, but with a little more training with Rylee, he might become a stud. Enjoy!

Quick update: Rikolo did a little animation with Rebecca and our very own Cindy. You can check it out on his Patreon page right now if you haven’t done so (just click the image below to pledge). And while you’re at it, pledge on mine as well because you know….reasons.