Hope you guys had a chance to enjoy Succubus Lust. If you haven’t picked it up, you can purchase over at the links on this page. Thanks!

So here’s a couple of requests I got from Patreon last month. The first one features Krissy as the manager for a construction crew. Recently, they’ve gotten really lazy. So in order to motivate them, she gives him a little love to help get their minds off fucking (temporarily). But she does promise the faster they can get the job done, the faster they’ll get another ride. 😀

Next up was a request inspired by that new Ring movie. You know, that reboot of a remake that got rebooted in its original country (aka). Anyway, someone requested a sexy version of The Ring. This time, the girl is now a voluptuous lady and instead of killing you, she’ll pleasure you (to death). Using her mouth and hands, she’ll cause you to come with such strength that you’ll be rendered helpless afterwards. At least you’ll go out with a bang. Enjoy!