A sexy demon girl is looking to fuck a big cock? Well, that sounds like a new release. And it’s now available. Succubus Lust is now available for purchase today!

Adrian finds himself in a dark and strange world. Emerging from the shadows is the sensual and voluptuous demon known only as Dancer. Adrian is afraid of what this demon may do, but Dancer only wants to sate her lust and fuck him until she’s satisfied. The only question is how long will that be? With this girl, you can never tell!


Succubus Lust features 100 high-quality images featuring a 78-image main portion, 16 pinups and 6 bonus wallpapers. This set was rendered in Octane in 1920×1080 resolution except for the pinup images, which were rendered in 1500×2000 resolution. You can get this set for $9.95. You can pick it up from any of these fine places:

Succubus Lust on Affect3D Store

Succubus Lust on Renderotica

Succubus Lust on Gumroad

Succubus Lust on Payhip

Special thanks to Vidayen for allowing me to use his character Dancer. For those that don’t know, Vidayen has been one of the earliest people to commission me back when I started doing them. Since he’s always been one of the coolest guys, I wanted to do a set for him as a special thank you for the past few years. I had a blast working on this one and I hope this one does well as I might have an idea for a possible sequel (which will get a bit weird).

Also, a thank you to those who come to the site, comment below, pledge on patreon, follow me on social media, purchase my sets and are just all around supportive. You guys are the best and deserve some love for giving me some love. 🙂

Anyway, check out the set and enjoy! Thanks!