Bah! I’ve been doing a lot of work and catching up that I didn’t realize it’s been 10 days since the last update on here. So I’m gonna throw a few things your way. Some of these were requested through Patreon while the rest were commissioned. The first one was commissioned by Pablox and features Rylee hanging out with another muscular girl, Amaterasu‘s own Meyumi aka Mey Mey. It’s been a while since we last saw Mey Mey and hopefully, it won’t be the last time.


Next up is another commission, this time for Kieran featuring Zoey as a dominatrix-type. Zoey normally isn’t the one who’s into that sort of stuff (she prefers to be dominated), but when you offer her something she really enjoys, then you can get her to agree to anything. And that’s how this fellow got his wish. 😀


The next two were requested via Patreon, both featuring mZoey and something similar in each. The first one features him with the Powerfluff Girls. The three girls each provide their own take on oral sex. Blossom with cunnilingus, Bubbles with a blowjob, and Buttercup with a rimjob. With their (oral) powers combined, they can take on anything!

Last up is a continuation of mZoey’s adventures with Rylee (previous part). This time, Rylee is giving him analingus while holding him up to get a little more exercise in her sex.

Anyway, that’s all for today. I will have more this coming week (if I remember), plus hopefully a big announcement. Until then, enjoy!