Got a new things for today, mostly artwork I commissioned from other artists. But first, here’s one requested via Patreon featuring Lana Liberty and The Mistress. The two work together to combat their most evilest foe yet: A really thick double-ended dildo. With their powers combined, they anally fuck each other using the dildo, which gives them enormous pleasure. Who knows what will their next caper!

Onto some artwork I got within the last couple of months from various artists. I do recommend checking out all these artists work at their respective links. They’re fantastic artists and hopefully you’ll enjoy these pieces. First up is Iron-Dullahan who worked on two images: One featuring Zoey in a gangbang and the other featuring Lana & Adrian. Zoey likes her cocks to be huge and dominating, and this is no exception. Meanwhile, Lana likes hers huge yet gentle (probably the reason why she likes Adrian so much :D).

Next up is Onagi, who did a pinup of Lana showing her assets and one with her getting fucked by Adrian.

Next, we have Arteria, who did one featuring Lana in a special bikini (a very tempting one at that) and one featuring her giving a handjob to a huge cock.

Next is Kaihlan, who did a great piece with Lana & Adrian in a threesome porno shoot. While Lana jerks a cock off, Adrian rams his cock into her ass. It ends with an explosive finish that leaves Lana covered in cum.

Last but not least is MW-Magister, who did one with Lana giving a wild tittyfuck to a monster of a cock. Hopefully this may lead to future plans for her and her cock buddy. 😀

Hope you enjoy those and definitely check all those artists out!