Love alien girls getting fucked by huge cocks? Well, I hope you’re excited because I’m excited to announce that my latest title Addison’s Mission is now available and can be purchased today!

Addison, a pink alien working as a researcher for the Intergalactic Trade Federation, has been sent by her commanding officer to visit the newly discovered planet LIJ-5X. Her assignment is to search for any signs of life and to retrieve a sample. During her research, Addison is shocked to find two alien creatures on the planet. But once she notices their huge cocks, she motions for a sexual favor. Sadly, the creatures are confused by Addison and her actions. Luckily, Addison is willing to teach these creatures by giving them a crash course in sexual intercourse. But Addison soon finds out that these creatures may be more than she realized!


Addison’s Mission contains over 100 images featuring a main portion consisting of 75 images, an epilogue containing 19 images and a pinup section featuring 15 images plus a wallpaper. This set was rendered in Octane in 1920×1080 resolution except for the 15 pinup images, which were rendered in 1500×2000 resolution. You can get this set for $10.95. You can pick it up from any of these fine places:

Addison’s Mission on Affect3D Store

Addison’s Mission on Renderotica

Addison’s Mission on Gumroad

Addison’s Mission on Payhip

First off, thanks to davery1441 for the idea (Davery previously came up with Krissy And The Minotaur, so if you enjoyed that with extreme penetrations, you’ll enjoy this one as well) and the character of Addison. She was fun to work with and hopefully we’ll see her again in the future.  I had a lot of fun stretching her holes out, but once the bigger alien came into play, I ran into several issues in the poses. But in the end, it worked out for everyone (except for Addison who will need a few days to recover :D).

I wanna thank the people who have supported me either through purchasing my title, pledging on my Patreon, commissioning me, reblogging my posts on tumblr, leaving comments, all that hot jazz. The last couple of months have been a strange one with everything that has happened since last November (not about the election). There’s definitely plans to be made in 2017. So I hope you guy stay for the ride.

Anyway, enjoy and thanks again!