So site should be fixed and the blog should be showing up on the front page now. Anyway, got an update. This one was commissioned by Vidayen a while back and features a redesign of his character Yuriko. We have three distinct erotic varieties of Yuriko. One is a simple pinup showing her nude glory (and amazing ass). The second is of her masturbating in front of her lover. And finally, she’s roughly fucked by her lover’s huge cock. Hopefully we’ll see more of her in the future.

I posted this up on Patreon earlier this week. There’s also a bunch of updates posted there. If you wanna check it out or see more stuff, pledge $5 today. I’m also gonna drop something that older patrons are familiar with, but newer patrons may have not seen. But you’ll have to pledge to see it later this week. 😉 Until then, enjoy!


Last thing, my products are now available on Gumroad! So now you have more options of where to purchase titles from. Anyway thanks!