Well it’s been a week. Anyway, quick update for the site with some Lana stuff. I did a couple of shots featuring her with Adrian. The first one is them in their underwear as Lana hugs him very tenderly (with a nude variant). The next one shows the two fucking during a porno shoot.

I also did a commission for Hokaykyo of Lana doing a selfie before her shoot with Adrian. She doesn’t know every single feature of her phone, but when it comes to taking pictures of herself, she’s got that down. She’s also wearing a nifty little choker. But for who she works with, that will pose a huge problem. 😛 Enjoy!


I also uploaded a few updates over on Patreon that will be posted up here later (when, I don’t know). If you wanna check them out early and check out the other cool features (like WIPs, Rando Requests and more), then pledge today. Thanks!