Hope everyone is having a good Halloween. I have a treat for you as some of the Intrigue3D girls decided to get into the spirit of things by dressing up for some shoots. June dressed up as a schoolgirl ready to go out trick or treating. Krissy became a Playboy Bunny, one that’s waiting for her Hefner to come out and play. Lana dressed up as a witch, casting a spell on a certain someone. And Zoey became a vampire, a slutty one at that but still. Who knows what the season will bring? Enjoy!

Also there’s a couple of pics featuring Lana with Adrian (dressed as a skeleton) fucking on the set. Because you know, reasons. This one was requested on Patreon. Currently, Rando Requests are open for the month of November, so if you’ve got an idea that I might be interested in doing, pledge today!