So quick announcement: I’m working on Workout 2! Rylee returns in this title, but this time she meets another girl who also is hiding a big secret!

During the wee-hours of the night, Rylee tries to get her fit on. With no one around, she decides to get herself comfortable (i.e. naked) while she pumps some iron. But she’s surprised to find the manager of the exercise emporium has caught her! But instead of pressing charges for public indecency, this new girl is impressed by Rylee’s own dumbbell. And that’s when the fun ensues. 😀

Workout 2 is gonna come out later this month (probably next Saturday if everything goes right). I’m currently over the 100 image mark, so I’m gonna try to get as much as possible between now and then. Until then, enjoy a few of these previews and be sure to check back in as I’ll have more as we get close to release! Enjoy!