Time to post a bunch of random stuff because they’re mostly one-piece stuff or posted on Patreon (with some stuff that may interest into joining). First up was a dickgirl commission I did a while back for anonymous. The character is named Tiffany and features her trying to suck her cock. Nothing fancy, just some good old fashion dickgirl selfsuck action. 😀


Next was a request from Patreon featuring Tifa Lockhart giving a titfuck to a lucky endowed fellow. I usually do 2-3 requests chosen by me a month. I’ve been doing this for the last few months and they’ve been a success thus far (they’re fun and not super stressful). I just opened up requests for September. If there’s something you want to see and think it has a shot of being made, then you can pledge $5 and add your request to the post.


Next is another thing involving Patreon, this time with a bit more doing behind it. This one will be part of an ongoing series (about 3-4 months) featuring the Powerpuff Girls. Blossom somehow has grown a giant cock and needs to settle it down before her sisters come back. But it’s too late! What will happen when they see her in the act? I’ve posted the first 5 images with the next five next month. Here’s the first one. If you wanna check out the rest and help choose the direction story, pledge today!


Lastly, vampire girl. There’s no backstory or shilling for this one as it was more of a test render with G3F. But you can still enjoy it.