I’ve got a title coming out on July 28th and this one features Kiara’s long-awaited return! The official title is “The Art of Fucking featuring Kiara” with a simple premise: Kiara has a painting done of her by  local artist Scarlet. After seeing the finished piece, Kiara is impressed, but Scarlet has one more idea for her. And we all know what that means. 😀

So there’s a couple of firsts involved with this title. This will be my first time I’ve ever released a title in back-to-back months. Also, this title will not feature anal, which is another first. With the progress, I’m currently around 70 images, so depending on how the week goes, I could be at 90 images or more for this release, which is usually the range I aim for (though my short goal is usually around 60 :P). I know I didn’t do that with Zoey & Friends, but that was under different circumstances (which most of my patrons know about). But if everything goes to plan, we’ll be looking at a pretty good sized release. But I still have to work on it from now until next Thursday!

Until then, enjoy some previews from the set!