Our favorite blue-haired punk girl is back in an all-new title! This time she’s got a couple of friends to help with the festivities. What happens? You’ll have to find out in Zoey & Friends, now available!

Zoey invites the brunette Tiffy over for a little fun, but Tiffy brings a guest: Her girlfriend, the strong Shannon. While Zoey isn’t upset about that (more people = more fun), she does find out that Shannon has a huge cock! Not to be outdone, Zoey tries out an experimental drug to help give her a long cock that might frighten many. But Tiffy isn’t afraid. In fact, she loves having two big cocks in front of her and wants to fuck them both! Oral, vaginal, anal, fisting, DP, DVP, DAP, multiple cumshots and creampie are featured in this set. If you love Zoey and dickgirls, then this set is for you!


Zoey & Friends features 74 high-quality images plus an additional 3 character profiles. The set was rendered in Octane. You can pick up this title for $7.95. You can get it at these fine places:

Zoey & Friends on Affect3D Store

Zoey & Friends on Renderotica

Zoey & Friends On Gumroad

Zoey & Friends On Payhip

I hope you guys get the title and enjoy it. After being sick for the past week, I’m hoping that the sales for this one brighten my day a little. It had been over a year since I did a dickgirl title or even a Zoey-related one. So this one is a double-whammy as it features both (especially a dickgirl Zoey :D). I wanna thank Super-Badger for giving me permission to use his characters Tiffy and Shannon for this release. If you got the Intrigue3D Super Pack, the two should be familiar. Also I think there’s a mini-set on the site featuring Tiffy and Zoey in case you wanna see more of her or Zoey.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the title and I wanna thank everyone who supports me each and every time I release something. Thanks!