Here’s a commission I did a while back featuring the hung and horny orc Gorakna giving Cindy a hard dicking (plus a solo pinup of her)! Cindy is not the brightest girl in the world. When stubbling in the forest, she found an ancient land that looked inhabited. Well, she was wrong about that as Gorakna came out to the surprise of Cindy. But once Cindy noticed Gorakna’s third leg, it was game on. Gorakna began to fuck Cindy silly, filling her pussy with the biggest dick she’s ever had. But it wasn’t enough as Gorakna let out inside of Cindy one of the biggest loads imaginable. Cindy was exhausted afterwards, but was kind enough to clean Gorakna’s cock off with her mouth.  😀

Btw I made several updates on Patreon including one featuring Cortana, which was request by one of my patrons. That pic will be posted up much later here, but you can check that out more. I’ll be opening up requests soon, so if you haven’t pledged yet, do so today! Click here to pledge!