Sorry about the unexpected hiatus. Felt weird the past week, so didn’t do much. But I do have an update featuring a commission I did a while back for A M. It features their character Lilian Andrea, a tech-savvy dickgirl with a few kinks. The first pic shows her in all her nude glory with her cock and tits glistening in fluid. The next one shows her doing her day job in a short skirt and jacket while wearing her Google Glass to help her keep track of her busy schedule (also a nude variant because why the fuck not?). Lastly is her night job as a dominatrix. She even wear her Google Glass just to squeeze out as much info on her latest victim. Enjoy!


Btw, because I have several pending commissions and I’m starting a few projects soon, commissions will be closed. If you previously contacted me about a commission, you’re safe and should be on the list. If you’re not sure, just send a quick email and I’ll let you know. Thanks!