So we’ll take a break from all the redesign stuff as I’ve got a commission from SuperBadger featuring Zoey. This time, she take a visit at the ooooooooold gloryhole. Zoey has been extremely horny as of late. When a friend tells her about a monster of a cock, Zoey’s ear lit up. She followed her friend’s instruction, meeting this mysterious cock at an old rundown bathroom. Zoey is just so horny that she starts to fist herself while waiting for the cock.

Soon enough, the cock makes an appearance. And what a cock it is! Zoey can’t believe the size of this thing! It’s almost like the size of a baseball bat in both length and girth. Eventually, the shock turns to joy as Zoey realizes her dream has come true. She first tries to stick the cock in her mouth, but begins to choke because the girth is way more than she can handle. She then tries to tittyfuck it, but her tits can barely wrap around the cock. She then decides to have the cock fuck her pussy. Zoey has better luck, but the sheer volume is just too much for her to get any deeper.

With no other options left, she decides to give the cock a chance with her asshole. She slowly slides the monster inside her ass. The first few inches go in smoothly, so Zoey decides to press her luck, going further down the shaft. She can feel nearly a foot of the cock has entered her body. Before long, she tries to move. But the cock’s owner has similar plans, forcing their cock in and out of Zoey. It becomes too much for Zoey to control as her mind become blank from the pleasure she’s feeling. Soon, the cock squirts a huge load inside her ass before pulling out. Zoey is left twitching after all this as the cum spews from her ass. Eventually, Zoey recovers and her horniness subsides (just enough to where regular cocks can satisfy :D). Enjoy!