So I wanted to make a quick announcement about a couple of projects I’m working. First off, I’m working on a new title called Lana’s Fuck Fest. The name is what you think: Lana fucking a few guys. Nothing glamorous. Just lots of oral, tittyfucking, anal and perhaps double anal(!!). This one is not going to be as long as some of the previous sets as I’m aiming for around 60 images. I’m currently around 40 images in, so the set will be done really soon. Here’s the first images in the set. I’ll post more previews from now until the release. Enjoy!

Now here’s the bad news. After the title is released, Lana is going on a short hiatus. Why is that? Well, I’m doing an update on the character where several things are changing. Her hair, skin texture, her pussy/anus (I’m getting help from a modeler for that one), etc. So she’s going to look different than what she currently is. So basically this title will be the last time the current form is will be seen (well in newer pics).

I’ve already have a release date planned, but I thought we should have some fun. Whoever can correctly guess the release date will receive a free copy when the title is available. The only catch is you must have an Affect3D Store account. Just leave a comment below with your guess and the first one to get it wins. For a hint, the date is pretty important for me. Anyway, you’ve got until next Saturday 19th to guess. Good luck! 🙂

Speaking of the 19th, Affect3D Store is gonna release a special set featuring various artists doing 15 images each with the proceeds being donated to charity. A few of the store’s artists are on board including Lord-Kvento, 3DZen, Hibbli, Haneto and others. The set will be a mix of Xmas-themed and non-related sets, so there will be a variety of stuff to check. I’m currently working on one that takes place in the Summer (it’s Summer somewhere right? :D). Here’s a preview of the girl that will be featured. You can check out the rest when it’s released next Saturday. Thanks!



UPDATE: I thought it would be a while to get the answer, but Odio correctly guessed the date in shorter time than McGregor beating Aldo. 😀 The title is coming out on December 29th! Stay tuned for more details!