The past week has been hectic as hell. I haven’t done much work since Girlfriends 4 Ever’s DLCs was released. Luckily, it’s calm down some, so now I can update the site. This one was recently commissioned by AdamFlame and it’s the final installment in the Adam & Krissy series (well, for now). After fucking Krissy’s ass for a long time, it’s finally time to hit the money shot. After a couple of squirts inside her ass, Adam pulls out and unleashes the rest all over Krissy’s body. Krissy doesn’t mind. In fact, she furiously jerks his cock to make sure every drip is ringed out. Enjoy!

Anyway, the poll on Rylee’s gens has ended and it looks like 2/3 of you want her to go back to the balls. I’m gonna try to tweak her current gens to include the balls and have it done within the year (hey there’s still like 7 weeks)