Got some WIP stuff I should talk to you. First is a quick health update. It’s been about a week since my surgery and my right arm is doing a lot better than before. There’s a little pain while I type, but not as bad as it was on Saturday and Sunday (god I miss the percocet). I saw the doctor about an hour ago and he says the pain should go away in a while, but that the arm was fine and right on track. So good news all around.

Anyway I worked on some stuff before and after the surgery that I wanted to show you guys. First I’m currently switching the model bases for Adrian & Lana. I’m now using Genesis 2 for each instead of Michael 4 and Victoria 4 respectively. I was able to convert their shapes over to the Gen2. Though I’m ran into problems with Lana’s as it does weird things to the model (her tongue, nails and teeth were way off for some reason). Not only that, but her genitals need to be fixed before I do more with her, so she’s still a work-in-progress. You can check out what I got so far below.


Adrian’s transition was a lot smoother, so he’s essentially done. I was able to transfer his shape over, but I also made some tweaks to his design. So the muscles look defined than before. Because I’m changing the model, I’m updating his cock model. It’s going to look similar to the current one, but I’ve gone ahead and made it longer than the original one. Whereas the original was about 13.5 inches, this one will be closer to 16, which Lana will enjoy every inch of it. 😀 While it’s still being worked on, I’ll post what I have of Adrian so far (for the ladies and some of the guys).

Oh and one with them together in a stylish manner.


I’m also working on commissions, but I’ve been behind over the last days. But I should be starting on them shortly. Currently I have a waiting list. If you’re interested in being added to the list, just contact on the Commissions link. Anyway, enjoy your day!