So next Saturday will mark the release of my next title Lana Liberty Vs. The Mistress. I’ve basically rendered out all the scenes and now have to do the post-work stuff (this includes cleaning up, scriptwork, fixing and putting it altogether in a neat and organized package). I don’t have a final image count including the extras, but I can tell you that the main story will contain 160 images, making this the largest set since Kiara’s Debut. Since there’s still a week left, I’ll do some more stuff to beef up the Extras section to give you more bang for your buck.

llpreview05 llpreview06

Now let’s talk contest! I’m giving away a copy of Lana Liberty Vs. The Mistress. To enter, there’s two things you must do. First, you must have an Affect3D Store account (makes it much easier to send you a copy). Second thing is answer this in the comments section below:

While Lana and Krissy are featured here, the other Intrigue3D girls (Zoey, Kiara, Rylee, Justine, Alexis, and Cindy) are left out of the loop. But let’s say I worked on a sequel to this title and wanted to feature one of them. What role do you think they’ll think be (good or bad) and what power(s) would they have? You can pick one character or multiple. It’s all up to you how you answer the question.

The contest will end on Friday night with the winner being selected shortly afterward. So get crackin’!