You probably saw this on H-F earlier this week, but if you haven’t, Devil-HS recently did 5 new pics for me featuring our lovely gal Lana. She got herself some new lingerie and wants to give Adrian a show. It doesn’t take much longer for the action to start as Adrian’s massive erection is right in Lana’s face with her tongue swirling around his tip. Adrian wants to return the favor, giving Lana’s anus a few licks, even sticking his thumb inside. But honestly, how is that going to help with that monster?

After the preparations, it’s time to fuck! Lana starts taking a pounding from Adrian’s magnum dong. She’s a real trooper for taking it in that position. But it isn’t long before Lana’s body orgasms like crazy. After a while, Adrian finally give Lana a huge anal creampie. With the cum dripping heavily out of her ass, she can only look back in relief, impressed by the sight. Enjoy and check out more of Devil-HS on Hentai-Foundry or Tumblr!