So a week or so ago, DarkerEve announced he was going to stop doing erotic (porn) commissions. While I’m sad by his decision, I can fully understand why he’s done so. And that’s why today’s update is a bittersweet one as it’s the last time we’ll be seeing Lana or any of the other girls getting naughty under DarkerEve’s style. But at least it went out with a bang (pun intended :D). First up is Kiara, who decided to class the joint before the smut happens. Wearing her fancy new dress, she checks herself out in the mirror, liking what she sees. Though, Kiara shouldn’t stare too long, lest her growing issue comes up. 😀 Next pic up is Lana and Adrian teaming up with DE’s Maya. Adrian is working to break Maya’s ass in with his cock. Lana eagerly waits for her turn while giving rubbing Maya’s pussy vigorously.

The third pic features Lana posing her ass for the camera, even spreading her asshole for the lens. And lastly, Lana giving Adrian’s cock a handjob. Adrian is dripping with excitement as his precum oozes all over his cock. Lana is anticipating her next move, stroking his shaft for a good while. Anyway enjoy and check out more of DE’s works over on his DA page!

kiara_by_darkereve02 lana-maya-adrian_by_darkereve02 lana_by_darkereve04 lana-adrian_by_darkereve08