Welcome to 2015! I know it’s a few days late, but better late than never. I’ve got a few things to post for today, so let’s not waste any time.

First up is the art trade piece from Jay-Marvel (My portion can be seen here). featuring Lana & Adrian. Lana attempts to bury Adrian’s cock between her tits, but it only seems to cover half of it. But she doesn’t mind since it’s easy for her to lick the tip and get herself a faceful of cum. 😀

lanaadrian_by_jaymarvel lanaadrian_by_jaymarvel02

Next up is two commissions I got from PrivatePomegranate during their recent sketch day sale. The first features Lana trying her best to seduce you. The second features Zoey toying around in an outfit that’s sure going to catch some eyes in public. 😀

 Lana_by_privatepomegranate02 zoey_by_privatepomegranate08

A lot of 2D stuff I know, but I do have something from myself. It’s a wallpaper of Krissy!


Lastly, I did a render of this girl. There’s more details about her and why she exists over on my Patreon (plus some WIP stuff). If you wanna check it out, pledge today!


Anyway, that’s all for the updates today. Enjoy!