Today’s the last preview (until Saturday) of Kiara’s Debut. This time, we see her play around with her cock. I didn’t post the whole scene because it’s around 20 images. So enjoy this small preview of that scene. 🙂

And what’s this?! A special surprise appearance from someone? But who?!

kiarapg24kiarapg25kiarapg28 kiarapg30kiarapg32kiarapg35kiarapg56kiarapg57kiarapg58

Yep, that’s right. Lana is getting in on the action!

So outside of the promo images (the ones that will go all over Affect3D and here), there’s the previews for Kiara’s Debut. As for additional details:

  • The price will be $12.95, but when it’s released this weekend at the Affect3D Store, it will be only $9.95 for that weekend!
  • The main story itself will contain over 150 images! That’s not including the extras, which could take this set close to 200 when it’s all said and done.

There’s still some minor work I need to complete, but I’m basically 94% done. So the release will happen! Until then!

Also check out Affect3D tomorrow for a special interview. 🙂