Continuing our Zoey escapade is some fan art of everyone’s favorite blue colored mohawk girl (and if she isn’t your favorite blue colored mohawk girl, then shame on you. Also send me pics of this other girl). Theseus9 contacted me a while back about doing some art featuring Zoey. I naturally obliged and received this yesterday. Zoey finds herself taking on her freakish challenge yet: A bunch of long, horny cocks looking to release all their load all over her. The cum is almost too much for Zoey to handle! I say almost because we know Zoey can take any amount of cum given. 😀 Still, after this sperm shower, it looks like she’ll be good for a few days (or hours :D). I love this pic. It captures the really slutty nature of Zoey. Definitely a fun and awesome pic. Thanks to Theseus9 for the gift! If you enjoyed this pic, definitely check out more Theseus9’s works over on his Hentai-Foundry page. Enjoy!