New stuff for today. Yeah, I know it seems weird that I have pics of Sugar & Spice when I retired them not too long ago. But someone who wished to remain anonymous (different person) commissioned a few pics featuring the girls getting their freak on with an added appendage. During their off-time, the two elves like to spend it fucking around. But after looking at some tasty futa porn, Spice decided to give herself a massive cock. Sugar doesn’t realize what Spice has done, but after seeing the monster dick in front of her very eyes, she decided to take it for a ride. 🙂

Anyway, the pics feature some extreme belly bulge and cum inflation. So if you’re into that, then don’t look. If you are, then enjoy!

sugarspicefuta_01sugarspicefuta_02sugarspicefuta_03 sugarspicefuta_04