New stuff for today. This will probably be my last update before I go on vacation this weekend, so here’s a commission I did for Amaterasu featuring Lana taking on the well-hung futa Mey Mey(!!!). Lana meets with Meyumi for a business proposal, but Mey Mey is a hard negotiator. I mean, HARD. She’ll only agree to the deal if she gets to fuck her. Lana has heard of the monster that Mey Mey’s packing, but after seeing it up close, she’s having second thoughts. But Mey Mey doesn’t want to waste time, quickly shoving her huge cock deep inside Lana’s asshole. The sheer girth as it stretches Lana’s tight ass causes Mey Mey to explode hot sticky cum. Even after filling Lana up with almost a pint of cum, Mey Mey isn’t done with her proposal yet as she’ll keep doing this until she’s satisfied. Enjoy!