Sorry about the week long delay. Had to take care of personal stuff, so I couldn’t update the site like I wanted to. But now I’m back with a new commission from Superguest featuring their character Ell, the vampire chick with the cock that’s quite a monster! Ell is peacefully jerking off, gripping the base with one hand and stroking the top with the other. She’s so turned on by the sight of her huge cock. Her tongue is just aching to lick every inch of it. She wants to come so bad, but she loves this sensation too much. After a while longer, she finally comes, covering her chest and cock with sticky cum. Ell can’t wait much longer as she’ll have a special visitor coming to meet her. 🙂 Enjoy!

Now, Zoey stuff. The polls are over and it looks like you guys are a-okay with Zoey getting fisted. You also like the name “Zoey Gets Fucked (Over)”, so we’re going with that. I’ll have more about the details of release later this week. Until then, peace!