New stuff for today. Remember how I said I commissioned a second pic from Incase? Well, it’s here and this time, it features someone other than Lana (shocking, I know)! Zoey gets a shot at being drawn and Incase does not disappoint (has he ever? Hmm…). The depraved little thing that she is has opened herself for business, letting anyone with a ticket get a ride. They can fuck however they like. She’ll even give you a freebie if you can do the impossible. 😀 Zoey loves the attention she get during these free fuck-for-alls as her body is covered in jizz from hair to toe. Maybe next time, she’ll break the record. 🙂

This is honestly one of the best pics I’ve seen Incase ever do. And I’m not saying that because it’s my character. The sheer amount of attention and detail he put into it is just amazing. If you haven’t done so, check out his works. Until then, enjoy these!

zoey-publicuse_by_incase01 zoey-publicuse_by_incase02

Oh and there’s a futa variant too. So if you’re into that, then click these. If not, then avoid. You might be asking, “Why is there a futa version of Zoey?” and I’ll tell you, “Because”. 😀 Enjoy!

zoey-publicuse_by_incase03 zoey-publicuse_by_incase04