New stuff for today. Incase has been one of my favorite artists for a long time, so I knew I had to commission him. And man, do I just love what he’s come up with. Lana takes the time to love some cock with her mouth, doing everything she can to please it. What I love most about this one is the number of variants that came with it. The lipstick one, I did not expect, but I love it so much. It shows how far Lana is willing to go. 😀 Plus, the cumshots are just amazing. The explosion in her mouth and the layers of cum covering her face and glasses is just so sexy. So anyway, I’ll stop talking soon. But before that, do (and I mean DO) check out Incase’s works over on Hentai Foundry or on his blog. Seriously, it’s awesome. Enjoy!

lana-bj_by_incase01 lana-bj_by_incase06 lana-bj_by_incase05 lana-bj_by_incase04 lana-bj_by_incase03 lana-bj_by_incase02

P.S. I did commission another pic from him. That one will be done in the very near future. 😉