Got some new artwork for you to enjoy. I commissioned DarkerEve recently and ended up getting a few pics from him featuring, as always, Lana. 🙂 The first is Lana relaxing on her bed while reading with her Kindle (the old one, she’s frugal like that :D). She enjoys a good read and enjoys reading topless even more.


The next two are some pencil sketches of Lana with Adrian, having lots of sex. Adrian is struggling to fuck Lana’s ass, but she’s too horny to realize how much of a problem he’s having. She even rides on top of him, loving the way his cock feels inside her. Maybe one day, he’ll be afford the chance at her other hole. But then again, Adrian’s not in control. Lana is. 🙂 Enjoy!

lana-adrian_by_darkereve lana-adrian2_by_darkereve

Do check out DarkerEve’s works. He’s an amazing artist who does some of the most sexy chicas you’ll see in 2D hentai.If you haven’t done so, check out his blog now! You won’t be disappointed!