New stuff for today featuring Fyre, commissioned by Churchill. This time, Fyre find herself with her friend Obryon at a sex dungeon-type club. With her arms tied behind her back, Obyron holds her in the air with only the strength of his cock keeping her from falling down. They continue to fuck this way for a while before he let down and proceeds to piledrive her. She can clearly see his cock penetrating her pussy. Fyre’s moans get louder and louder as her eyes turn green. Obryon continues to fuck her before letting a giant amount of cum inside her. The volume is so much that it erupts out of her pussy, hitting her tits and face. The smell is intoxicating to her brain and the sheer force/amount of cum insider her has driven her to orgasm. She starts squirting insanely, almost like she was holding it back for months. The combination of their juices are covering Fyre by the end of it. Though, she doesn’t seem that upset as she asks for another round. 🙂 Enjoy!

fyre_12 fyre_13 fyre_14