New stuff for today. This one was commissioned by neomonoxide who wanted to see his character Crystal perform on stage. And boy, does she ever! Most girl just work with the pole that’s on the stage. Crystal isn’t like most girls. She already dwarfs the other girls by comparison with her massive breasts. Not only that, but she’s really into big insertions. She brings out her good friend Big Pink and squats down on top of it. The sheer girth stretches her pussy to the limit, making sure everyone in the room can get a good view. Ever the generous lady, she gives an open invitation to any of the guys there to join her. One of the lucky fellows gets up there and grabs himself a handful of her luscious breasts, putting his cock right between them. He continues to tittyfuck her as she demands for him to cum on her. He does so, covering her cheek as it drips down her neck. Crystal, with a smile on her face, see a line forming of other wanting to join her. She’s gonna have a busy night. 🙂 Enjoy!

crystal_01 crystal_02 crystal_03

I used the second pic as a bit of a test on making my own cumshots in photoshop. Still figuring out the best approach, which is the reason why I went conservate on the messy look. I think it looks awesome, but tell me what you think. Peace!