Welcome to Intrigue 3D! Thank you for visiting this place and I hope you enjoy seeing the pics I have produced here. For those who don’t know, Intrigue 3D is the personification of great 3D erotica. This site will entail my best 3DX work for you to all enjoy. We’re still gonna be filling up with content over the next couple of weeks, but we do have stuff in the gallery in the Commissions, Gifts, and Older works. So check out those out.

To kick things off, I introduce you to Lana. While she’s not the only one here, she is the main attraction. Lana is THE girl of Intrigue 3D, a title no one can take away from her. She’s my sex kitten, playfully teasing while being sensual all at once. When she wants to, she can get dirty. 🙂 Here are two pics that I hope you enjoy of her. If you like her and want to see more of her, bookmark this site as she’ll be making more appearances in the future. If you want to see more of her now, then go over to Affect3D, which is currently featuring a timed-exclusive pic. But here’s a few to start you off:

Many things are planned for the site (including CG sets, more girls, and possibly animation). I hope you’re here for the journey and keep being intrigued by what’s offered.