Something new for today. Considering how big Lana’s breasts, there should be a way to measure the breasts of 3DX. I mean, there’s a Richter Scale to measure earthquakes. There’s a Muta Scale to measure bloodloss in a wrestling match. Why not one for 3DX breasts?! Hence the Lana Scale (Patent Pending) came to be. For those who are working on 3DX character, but need some help in figuring the right size, then let The Lana Scale help! 😀

This is basically an inside joke that me and members of the Affect3D staff came up with. I had way too much fun doing this one. Lana, not so much considering she dropped cup sizes drastically. 😛 In any case, this is not meant to be taken seriously. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. 😀 Enjoy!


Just remember: