New stuff for today featuring Lana, Krissy, and Cindy. These pics were commissioned by Ferd Liwanag, who loves to see the girls in titty-licking action. The girls can’t stop loving each other’s nipples. Cindy and Lana start things off as Krissy watches them. Lana carefully rolls her tongue around Cindy’s lush nipple as Cindy does the same to Lana. Krissy masturbates as she watches them. She’s become a bit jealous at the sight, wondering when it’s gonna be her go. Lana looks up and see Krissy’s jealousy and decides to let take over. The three switch positions as Krissy is underneath Cindy while Lana watches the two. Lana knows that fighting won’t solve anything and that it’s better to share, especially with each other. 🙂 Enjoy!